Wonder Glove - Rubber Grooming Glove

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Wonder Glove Grooming Aid

Soft, flexible rubber mitt that will conform to your hand. One side has 1" flexible rubber fingers for loosening dry mud, dirt or hair, while the other side has 1/4" rubber nubs for cleaning and massaging.

Available in black.

  • Slides over hand and stays in place. Comfortable and does not restrict movement.
  • The bristle side is perfect for grooming your pig and brushing their hair. It helps remove any dirt, dry skin and loose hair on your pigs.
  • The nubby side will make your pig feel like they are receiving a massage! The little nubs are a gentle but thorough way to remove mud and dried skin.
  • Can be used on wet or dry skin.
  • This little mitt will make grooming your pig an easier job for you and a pleasurable treat for your piggy.