Petz Life Oral Care

Petz Life Oral Care

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Periodontal disease is a major concern in pet pigs. It causes more than just bad breath and tartar. It can lead to painful gum infections and loss of teeth.

Now it ís easy to prevent and in some cases reverse with All-Natural PetzLife Oral Care Gel.

Great as a preventive in younger pigs and to treat problems in older pigs

  • Kills bacteria on contact
  • Removes plaque and tarter
  • Prevents or reverses oral disease
  • Controls the main cause of bad breath
  • Keeps your Pig ís teeth and gums in good health
  • All-Natural
  • Safe to use

Available in 4 oz gel in peppermint flavor. Use after meals, twice a day for best results. Gel can be administered with a small amount of food or on a cracker.